From Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

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Friend — This is URGENT – with a display of extreme anti-choice opposition at the state Capitol yesterday, the Reproductive Health Freedom Act’s fate is in jeopardy. Your state Senators need to hear from you that you support this important legislation that will protect all Coloradan’s reproductive health care decisions NOW. Click here to take action and tell your state Senator to support the Reproductive Health Freedom Act.

This legislation is important to protect our reproductive health care rights from the government interference we have seen around the country.

The Reproductive Health Freedom Act will help Coloradans by:

1. Prohibiting the government from interfering in a woman’s private decisions about her reproductive health by disallowing the government to ban birth control or require mandatory ultrasounds.

2. Protecting what the majority of Coloradans believe — that reproductive health care decisions should be left to a woman and her family in consultation with her doctor and pursuant to her own values.

3. Responding to the anti-choice forces that continue to push for abortion bans, restrictions on birth control, and fetal personhood. We need a way to stop them and this legislation will send the message that those efforts are not in line with Colorado values.

Certain religious leaders oppose access to reproductive health care and this bill would prohibit those groups from imposing their beliefs on all women in Colorado. Reproductive healthcare is not a religious issue.

This bill will not advance if your Senator does not hear from you TODAY. Tell your state Senator to support the Reproductive HealthFreedom Act. 

Cathy Alderman
Vice President Public Affairs

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