Betty Serotta

I graduated from Skidmore College with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I lived in Baltimore, Maryland and was member of The National Council of Jewish Women for many years. I was a Vice President of Fund Raising and worked on new programs that originated in Maryland. I was on a committee that established Meals on Wheels, a program that originated in England and had its United States origin in Baltimore. I also worked for a Public Relations firm where one of my accounts was a small home for retarded children, where we raised enough money to add an addition to their building. Then we moved to Denver and I immediately started volunteering for The National Council of Jewish Women. Then I was offered the position as The Executive Director of the Colorado Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights now known as The Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. I held that position for 32 years helping to establish Colorado as a model for other affiliates in the country. Porter Hospital trained me as a hospice volunteer and I worked in their facility for several years. I was also a volunteer at The Crisis Center where children who had been abused were housed for a short term awaiting social services plan for their next home. For the past nine years I have been active in Olli, taking courses provided by an off shoot of the University of Denver. My husband and I are supporters of both the Colorado Symphony and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theater.

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