Letter from President & CEO of National RCRC

I am very pleased to share with you that, prompted by the faith leaders summit we will sponsor with CHANGE (Center for Health and Gender Equity) on Thursday, the Washington Post editorialized this past weekend, calling on President Obama to reinterpret the Helms Amendment.


The editorial board called the amendment, “An inhuman U.S. policy,” and we couldn’t agree more. Please pray for us as we convene the necessarily invitation only group at St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street from the White House.

Please also add your voice to the conversation and share this important editorial on Facebook and Twitter. We will follow up with a summary of press mentions after the event.


Harry Knox President & C.E.O. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

One response to “Letter from President & CEO of National RCRC

  1. Pastor Hunt,I want to truly thank you for your input and honesty. While I weadhheortelly disagree with you, it is still helpful to think about these things.A few things:First, we are working under the assumption we should not only honor a pastor’s faithfulness after he is dead. To recognize his faithfulness only after he has died would be to deny him something we think is good and the enjoyment of the one doing the honoring.Second, You may be right that for every one highlighted, there are 10 more worthy. We certainly do believe each person highlighted represents countless faithful pastors we will never hear of. In fact, that is the very point of what we are doing.Third, even if those honored do not enjoy it. That is no reason to not do it. We assume there is a part of them that will not like the attention. However, we do want to degrade that little part of them which is appreciative of any honor given by those in their congregation. To do so would be unkind and unreasonable. We do not think that in honoring them we are exalting them.I assume that even if you do not like what we are doing, you would be glad to hear that we are getting word of it encouraging men who pastor in ‘ordinary’ places.Thanks again for your input. And may God bless.

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