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Blog: News Update – March 1, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, SUCCESS!! Thanks to a strident coordinated effort by all of the members of the CO Reproductive Rights Health and Justice Coalition two anti-choice bills (HB18#1082 & HB18#1225) were defeated last week and another two (HB18-1120  Prohibition of Dismemberment Abortions and HB18 1121 – No Funding Trafficking Aborted Human Body Parts) just yesterday.  Read the stirring testimony by Pastor Greg Garland by clicking on this link. CORCRC is proud and pleased to be a part of this effective coalition.  Below are a few photos from the fiery and passionate press conference that preceded last weeks committee hearings. The defeated bills were an insult to all women and the dedicated family planning medical professionals. None of the proposals did anything to promote women’s health or well being.  Though our success is...

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