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Blog: News Update – November 29, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, The Shameful Treatment of Immigrants Customs and Border Protection (CBP) acknowledges that the separations of families are still happening.   A court order is officially being followed but the intent of the law is being ignored.  Many of us took comfort in the decision by federal judge, Dana M. Sabraw, who issued an injunction against the separations of children from parents and ordered the government to put the thousands of affected families back together.  Unfortunately she included an exemption of cases if it was determined that the child’s safety was at risk.  Tragically there were no designated standards or oversight regarding that decision and the CPB is abusing their authority by judging parents unfit by what appears to be whim. This President, the administration and subsequently the American citizenry...

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Blog: News Update – November 15, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Optimism is in the air and rightfully so.  Our new Governor, Jared Polis, identifies himself as a pragmatist, capitalist and a person of faith.  The state elected officials and many of our Congressional Representatives are ‘Blue’.  As relieved and excited as I am, it is important that we avoid the seduction of hubris and over-confidence that can easily lead to apathy. The election results revealed another characteristic of the Colorado public: the majority of the voters are resistant to any tax increases.  Perhaps the long list of requests for money on the ballot was visually overwhelming. Let us re-examine the fiscal needs of our growing state with a realistic and generous perspective.  It would be helpful if state representatives would look at ways to provide more than adequate...

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Blog: News Update – November 1, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Great Expectations for November 7th Imagine waking up on November 7th and the promise of change is confirmed.  All people will be encouraged to vote and systemic voter suppression will be abolished. Elected officials committed to health care for all will soon be in office. There will be active steps to restore a system of justice for all.  The tone of lies, hate and disdain will no longer be accepted.  Violence will be replaced with compassion and care.  Immigrants will be welcomed.  Science and facts will be demanded as a primary resource for policy development.  Respect for fact-based journalism will overtake the impact of conspiracy driven, fear mongering distortions that inflame hate and distrust. Keep imagining the ways our country and state can be inclusive, just and peaceful. ...

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