Last Island of Survival-Last Island of Survival v4.9 APK + OBB (Latest)

Last Island of Survival-Last Island of Survival v4.9 APK + OBB (Latest) title=

Last Island of Survival

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The adventure in Last Island of Survival has never ceased to be feverish because of the unexpected events. This is a game in a new way of operation, and the player will be a member of this expedition. Taking on all the big challenges and coping with the big crisis is what you need to do in this survival battle. You have to use what you have to be able to escape this-worldly gate. In 15 days, if you survive, your battle is entirely successful.


Last Island of Survival takes place over the course of 15 days on a lonely island that was once teeming with civilisation. Currently, there are just ruins, weirdly walking humans who are covered in blood, and military choppers hovering above, spying on everyone and everything.

How long has it been since it happened? Is there a connection between this and the strange facility in the heart of the island? What exactly are you doing here, and how long do you think you’ll be able to last? There’s really just one way to find out! Scavenge for rich materials and plans on a massive open world area to unravel the mysteries of the island during its last days of civilisation.


Your team has chosen this survival mission and determined that it will return alive after 15 days of struggling with extremes. That is enough for us to see the great resolutions that you and your teammates set out to implement. The player is one of the heroes who dare to choose this great challenge as a landmark to decide everything. More specifically, the challenge will be more and more, and you need to overcome it skillfully.


Finding food in this desolate land is indeed very difficult. Last Island of Survival wants to challenge you more and more when it constantly shows sharp fangs to attack you. These cold-blooded animals have not seen humans for a long time, so they are definitely bloodthirsty and want to attack us immediately. However, a sharp knife and a mobile gun are now in your hands to resist them.

After you’ve fought a battle, you must continue to find food for your party in the deeper forests. The pythons, snakes, have seen, and you are where they rush to wrap you tightly. Use that sharp knife to stab them so you can get out of danger immediately. The aggressive animals in the deep forest seem to want to swallow you, and you need effective help from the game.


You gain more and more unique weapons to protect yourself and your teammates from those dangers. With each passing day, your house will be upgraded, and there is a chance that it will become a towering fortress to help you overcome the great challenge. After 15 days of hard work, it’s time to return to your family and reunite with your loved ones.

Last Island of Survival seems to add positive energies to yourself. The game gives you ingenuity in housework or even the audacity in the face of danger. Other dramatic details will be played out in this game, and you will also see those attractions. Be a great hero to overcome difficulties and return home safely.


Choosing the day’s events in Last Island of Survival Unknown 15 Days In between the island’s unity and a slaughter. Mobile Online Survival Action! Battle ready! Gather a group or do it alone, fight or perish. Raid enemy forts for gold. Defend warriors who served. Together, fortify your clan’s fortresses. Survive and grasp the chance.


Go on dangerous expeditions with your pals and get a lot of bloodied experience in the process.Create a home that can provide protection in the case of a terrible scenario, such as preventing an animal attack, among other things.Make use of all of the fantastic weaponry that the game has to offer in order to eliminate your adversaries.Investigate new possibilities in order to effectively design and build contemporary cars and residences.Always keep the one-of-a-kind survival mode turned on throughout this journey to demonstrate your abilities as a superhero.Maintain a constant state of improvement in essential areas and make every effort to defeat the challenge within 15 days.