Yong Heroes-Yong Heroes v1.7.1.001 MOD APK (Speed Up Quests)

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Yong Heroes

Yong Heroes Mod APK is a mobile game that follows the classic ARPG formula. Its simple design and straightforward gameplay offer a fun experience for casual gamers. It’s not as deep as Lineage II, but it has everything you’ll need to have a good time. And since Yong Heroes is free, you can start playing it immediately.

In Yong Heroes, you’ll have to choose your favorite character and fight to defeat other opponents. The game lets you customize your characters using different classes and special abilities. It also allows you to make virtual friends and share your adventures with them. This game has a lot of action, including battles and grinding, but it’s still easy to learn.


You’ll be leveling up your character by completing quests. These quests will give you experience and equipment. The goal is to level your character up to the final level. Typically, this will involve grinding, where you kill enemies repeatedly on the same map. However, this grind can take some time.

Yong Heroes is a role-playing game. In the game, you must complete quests to level up your character. These quests will give you experience and equipment. As you advance in the game, you will encounter more difficult challenges. You will have to grind to complete them, killing enemies on the same map. Grinding can take a long time.


If you’re wondering how to create equipment and items independently, you can use a synthesis tool. This feature is available in the bottom menu. To synthesis an item, you need silver bars. This can be done manually or automatically. A red dot will appear on the item icon if you can synthesize it.

Yong Heroes is a mobile game with a fantasy setting. Players can choose from five classes and fight against many enemies. There are many challenges to overcome and many rewards to earn. Players can level up their characters and find a new gear to increase their level.


One of the main features of Yong Heroes is its various game modes. Players will be able to progress through different quests in the game and will be challenged by various monsters and real players in PvP and PvE. In order to survive and be the best among the opponents, players will have to boost their stats.

Yong Heroes is a mobile game that combines the elements of action and role-playing games. As a player, you’ll have the chance to play as one of many different characters and explore different classes and powers. It also has a multiplayer mode where you can meet and play with other players. Players can choose to play solo or with a friend to save the world.

There are four classes in Yong Heroes, each with its own set of skills and weapons. These classes have unique abilities and different attack styles. You’ll have to level up to get each of these skills. This can be done manually or automatically. You can also record the order in which your skills are cast with the BlueStacks Macro Recorder.