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We support your right to have the personal and spiritual freedom to make the choice that is consistent with your religious and ethical beliefs and we believe in your ability to make decisions which are in keeping with God’s loving intention for your life.

We also support your need for free and confidential counseling within your own faith tradition.

We hold in high respect the value of potential human life. We do not take the question of abortion lightly. Because each denomination and faith group represented among us approaches the issue of abortion from the unique position of its own theology, members hold widely varying viewpoints as to when abortion is morally justified. It is exactly this plurality of beliefs which leads us to the conviction that the abortion decision must remain with the individual, to be made on the basis of conscience and personal religious principals.

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The purpose of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, active not only in Colorado, but nationwide, is to ensure that every woman is free to make decisions about when to have children according to her own conscience and religious beliefs, without government interference. The Coalition’s primary role is educating the public to make clear that abortion can be a moral, ethical and religiously responsible decision.

Our religious coalition for reproductive rights works within several faith communities in Colorado to encourage and coordinate support for freedom of choice in the matter of abortion. We:

  • Provide speakers for churches, temples, civic groups and schools.
  • Provide workshops on the abortion issue.
  • Monitor legislative and court actions related to reproductive health care and provide information to supporters and the public.
  • Testify at the Colorado State Legislature.
  • Encourage religious community lobbying efforts of state and federal representatives.
  • Provide a variety of faith-based, clergy-led counseling. For details, click here.
  • Provide referrals to reliable reproductive health clinics. For details, click here.
  • Distribute literature and educational material.

Because women of color are disproportionately affected by restrictive laws and policies, the Coalition places particular emphasis on developing broad-based participation and leadership.

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In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court made abortion a matter of Individual conscience. Because of the ruling, abortion is a legal procedure everywhere in the United States. This means that a woman faced with a dangerous or unwanted pregnancy may consider abortion according to her own conscience and religious beliefs – and may safely secure an abortion under competent medical care.

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling, 44 national religious organizations have worked to keep abortion safe and legal. In the 1980s, the Colorado branch of the Religious Coalition  for Reproductive Choice was founded to educate and mobilize the state’s religious community to create a public opinion climate that is conductive to pro-choice policy making, and that affirms women as moral decision makers.

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We have three central positions:

1. On separation of church and state:

  • Many who oppose abortion do so because they believe that personhood begins at conception. They do not recognize that this is a religious view – only one religious view among many – and to impose it on everyone through the Government would violate the American principle of separation of church and state.

2. On choice:

  • The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is pro-choice, not pro-abortion.
  • Women deserve the freedom of choice to make individual reproductive decisions. In an area of moral decision-making as complex as abortion, the only one who can make an informed moral choice is the person who is pregnant. It is the woman who faces her God and answers for the decision she makes.
  • We believe that a pregnant woman should be fully informed about all her options: parenthood, adoption and abortion, without pressure or interference from the government or other persons.
  • We believe that teenagers have special needs when it comes to sorting out the options of parenthood, adoption and abortion.
  • We believe that religious communities are called to meet the human, emotional, and spiritual needs resulting from unwanted pregnancies.
  • Be believe that a loving God is very much present in times of pain, loss, and difficult decisions.

3. On education: 

  • We believe in the distribution of educational materials, as well as access to workshops and lectures for both  pro-choice clergy members and women. Education is crucial in ethical decision making.

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  1. Your organization popped up on facebook so I looked you up. If abortion is a legal procedure everywhere in the U.S. then why does your organization exist? Don’t women already have choices? Yes I am a woman.

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