Blog: News Update – April 2, 2019

Blog: News Update - April 2, 2019

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Potpourri of News: Women’s issues and women’s perspectives are driving politics and policies around the globe. Reproductive rights, health and justice are a driving force across the spectrum of concerns here and abroad. Because keeping up with current events is nearly impossible, here is a potpourri of news articles that address the ramifications of news events on women and their families.

In the USA, abortion is more than a symbolic wedge of public opinion. Abortion rights and access are so threatened that several red states have passed or are pushing through bills that prohibit an abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Fetal heartbeat is usually detected around 6 weeks, which is before most women even know that they are pregnant. Fortunately, courts are challenging the constitutionality of fetal heartbeat laws that prohibit abortions at 6 weeks.

The U.S. Southern Border: In response to the overwhelming numbers of desperate people trying to enter our southern border, President Trump is threatening to close it. He is demanding that Mexico stop the surge of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. This inadequate reaction is not problem solving. Here is one fresh, feminist look at the problem: “Immigration is a Feminist Issue.” We need an immigration process that treats women fairly and humanely, and recognizes the value of their contributions to the U.S. economy and society. Until we create a common-sense immigration process, we cannot justify enforcing the mix of outdated and unworkable laws on our books.

Key Priorities for Immigration Reform that Treats Women Fairly:

  • A clear roadmap to citizenship without disadvantaging those who cannot provide proof of work because their labor has been contingent, informal or unverifiable
  • Keep families together by eliminating the decades-long backlog of family-based visas, and respect the loving, committed relationships of LGBT families
  • Recognize the value of the work women do by including professions where women predominate, and protect women in asserting their labor and civil rights.
  • Protect survivors of violence by providing adequate services for asylum seekers and expanding the number of U-visas for survivors of trafficking and domestic violence.
  •  Promote full integration of immigrant women in to the economic, social and political life of their new communities by providing assistance for legalization, citizenship, English language acquisition, and other services. “

*Hungary’s anti-immigrant policy includes the promise that women who have four or more children will never pay income tax again. This is the government’s way to boost the country’s declining population. “Instead of looking to migration to solve the labor shortages and population decline, populist governments have rejected this option. Orbán built a wall along the country’s southern border to keep migrants out during the 2015 refugee crisis, and government-controlled media frequently links migration to moral decline and terrorism in Western Europe.”

*Climate Change and Gender: The International Union of the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reports: Extreme weather events such as droughts and floods have a greater impact on the poor and most vulnerable. 70% of the world’s poor are women.
Despite women being disproportionately affected by climate change, they play a crucial role in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Women have the knowledge and understanding of what is needed to adapt to changing environmental conditions and to come up with practical solutions. But they are still a largely untapped resource. Restricted land rights, lack of access to financial resources, training and technology, and limited access to political decision-making spheres often prevent them from playing a full role in tackling climate change and other environmental challenges.”

*Nuns Speak Out: An internal revolution of sorts has erupted in the Vatican since the international association of women’s religious orders urged sisters to report abuse to police and to their superiors. The Vatican magazine, Women Church World, denounced sexual abuse of nuns by priests. The magazine has been revealing deep inequities in the organization. Last year, an issue devoted to work denounced how nuns are often treated like indentured servants to the male dominated hierarchy.

Legislation Update

Join CORCRC in supporting the following bills:
HB19-1032 Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education/The Youth Wellness Act. Concerning comprehensive human sexuality education, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.  This bill allocates $1million in state funds annually to an existing grant program administered by CDPHE.  Schools that wish to provide sex ed can apply for funding, and priority will be given to rural schools and schools that don’t have the resources to teach sex ed. LAST ACTION: 02/28/2019 | Senate Committee on Health & Human Services Refer Amended to Appropriations SPONSORS: Rep. S. Lontine | Rep. Y. Caraveo | Sen. N. Todd | Sen. D. Coram

HB19-1001 Hospital Transparency Measures To Analyze Efficacy Concerning hospital transparency measures required to analyze the efficacy of hospital delivery system reform incentive payments, Sen. D. Moreno is a sponsor. Passed by House. LAST ACTION: 03/14/2019 | Senate Third Reading Passed – No Amendments  Sponsors: Rep. C. KennedyHB19-1004 Proposal For Affordable Health Coverage Option, The bill requires the department of health care policy and financing and the division of insurance in the department of regulatory agencies (departments) to develop and submit a proposal (proposal) to certain committees of the general assembly concerning the design, costs, benefits, and implementation of a state option for health care coverage. Additionally, the departments shall present a summary of the proposal at the annual joint hearings with the legislative committees of reference during the interim before the 2020 legislative session.  LAST ACTION: 03/13/2019 | Senate Committee on Health & Human Services Refer Unamended to Appropriations. Sponsors: Rep.D.Roberts | Rep.M.Catlin    Sen.K.Donovan

HB19-1064 Victim Notification Criminal Proceedings   Concerning eliminating requirements that victims must opt in to affect their rights in criminal proceedings.  Proactively adds victims into the notification of criminal proceedings system unless the victim opts out.  Last Action: 02/28/2019 | House Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended to Appropriations. Sponsors: Rep. T. Sullivan

HB19-1122 Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Maternal Mortality Review Committee  Concerning the creation of a maternal mortality review committee in the department of public health and environment.  LAST ACTION: 02/13/2019 | House Committee on Public Health Care & Human Services Refer Amended to Appropriations  Sponsors: Rep. J. Buckner | Rep. L. Landgraf | Sen. R. Fields | Sen. B. Gardner

SB19-085 Equal Pay For Equal Work Act  Concerning the creation of the “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act” in order to implement measures to prevent pay disparities. LAST ACTION: 03/29/2019 | Senate Committee on Appropriations Refer Unamended to Senate Committee of the Whole. Sponsors: Sen. J. Danielson | Sen. B. Pettersen | Rep. J. Buckner | Rep. S. Gonzales-Gutierrez

HB19-1224 Free Menstrual Hygiene Products In Custody Concerning providing free menstrual hygiene products to people in custody.  The bill requires local jails, multijurisdictional jails, and municipal jails to provide menstrual hygiene products to people in custody at no expense to the people in custody.  In House Judiciary Committee. LAST ACTION: 03/25/2019 | Introduced In Senate – Assigned to Judiciary. SPONSORS: Rep. L. Herod | Sen. F. Winter

SB19-188 FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program. Concerning the creation of a family and medical leave insurance program.  This bill would guarantee all Colorado workers up to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for themselves and their family. LAST ACTION: 03/13/2019 | Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Refer Amended to Finance. SPONSORS: Sen. F. Winter | Sen. A. Williams | Rep. M. Gray | Rep. M. Duran


Your support nourishes and serves as a catalyst to grow our mission. With a financial contribution, you will ensure our continued commitment to Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC) bringing interfaith and multiracial voices to reproductive health and rights issues.
With comments or questions, or if you would like to get involved with CORCRC, please contact Nora Bashir, CORCRC Exec Director at or Joyce Lisbin at

Points of Interest:

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More on SEX EducationGender-Inclusive Puberty and Health Education is Life-Affirming for All by Joel Baum and Kim Westheimer

A fifth-grade student walks into their first-ever puberty education class. They look around the room: maybe they feel like everyone else has already developed in ways they haven’t. Maybe they wonder why they already have characteristics a person of their gender isn’t “supposed” to have for a few more years. Or maybe they feel like they just can’t identify with lessons that should be giving them vital information about puberty and health.

Indeed, most puberty education classes omit foundational issues.

Upcoming Events


April 2nd: Accessing Abortion Support and Services” A panel discussion and networking event connecting medical providers and community members to learn more about:

– How and where to access abortion services
– Meet providers and allies in the community
– Funding and resources available
– Current events and improvements needed in this sector
Location: the UC Health Leprino Building 12401 E 17th Ave, Aurora, CO 80045, 5:30-8:00 pm
RSVP: or
call 303-394-1973 x112


April 9th: Protect Title X: (the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related preventive health services) is being gagged.  The administration is prohibiting the mention of abortion including referrals.

Join Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado (PPVC) along with Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center and the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) for an educational evening about Title X. We’ll explain what Title X is, the ongoing fight to protect this funding, and what you can do as an activist to help ensure everyone has access to quality reproductive health care in our state and beyond. Location details will be shared upon RSVP.

Tuesday, April 9th | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Denver, Colorado


May 7th: Save the Date: Faith and Freedom – The CORCRC annual award ceremony will take place at Temple Emanuel. This year’s honoree is Senator Joann Ginal. She is the newest state Senator representing Ft Collins and surrounding area. She has been a strong supporter of reproductive justice and a devoted friend to CORCRC.


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