Blog: News Update – April 5, 2018

Blog: News Update - April 5, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC,

Spring holidays often reflect the joy of rebirth and transformation. Here is a personal story of transformation: a woman’s feelings of rejection and stigmatization were converted by her faith and sense of compassion.

My Abortion Brought Me Closer to God

REWIRE, Mar 30, 2018, Kristine A. Kippins

My boyfriend and I became pregnant during a summer in between semesters at college. When I had my medication abortion a few weeks later, I felt instant relief. I knew it was the right decision for me, for my boyfriend, and for our families. Exercising my constitutional right to end my pregnancy helped me become the successful lawyer I am today.

I was brought up in a fiercely pro-choice, feminist household, where abortion was never taboo. Yet, I still internalized many of the stigmatizing messages in the news, politics, film, and TV that portrayed abortion as a sin. Because of this, I never told anyone in my family about my pregnancy or my abortion.

In fact, for months after my abortion, I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were getting married in the church I’d been attending from the time I was baptized at six weeks old. When we reached the altar, the ceiling directly above us would crumble. We jumped back to avoid the falling debris. The ceiling continued to fall, pushing us farther and farther back until we were on the street. I would wake each time out of breath and fearful that God was sending me a message: “You no longer belong in my house.” I didn’t go to church for months; I was too afraid of what might happen. I wouldn’t even pray because I felt like I didn’t have the right to.

Yet, I could not run from God forever. Home from college for Easter, I had to go to church with my family. It was unavoidable. To make my anxiety worse, I knew that had I decided to carry the pregnancy to term, I would have given birth around that time. I walked into our beautiful house of worship, terrified. I sat in our usual pew and kept my eyes on the ceiling for most of the service, thinking of my recurring dream.

Then toward the end, something remarkable happened. After communion, as many of us Episcopalians do, I took a moment to pray on my own without guidance from the rector. As I spoke with God for the first time in a long time, openly and honestly through my heart, I began to cry quietly. I knew then in my soul that I was forgiven because there was nothing I had done that required forgiveness. In that moment, God was helping me forgive myself.<

During those would-be gestational months, I carried a heavy weight of guilt because I believed I had sinned gravely. And the only reason why I felt that way was because other people had said I’d committed an act of sin. But when it was just me and God alone, I felt nothing but love, support, and a command to love and forgive myself.

Before that Easter Sunday service, I used to dread going to church. It was a chore. As a teenager, I thought that as I got older, I would eventually stop attending. But after that moment of clarity and pure divine love, I became a person of faith in all respects. I finally felt connected to my faith, my church, and the Trinity.<

Easter is no longer the one Sunday in the year when I feel like I have to attend a service. Since that moment, it is aSunday when I feel grateful to be a part of a loving, spiritual community; I am eager to reaffirm my connection to God; and I have a moment to commemorate the creation I helped make and gave back to God.

Easter is the holiest day of the Christian calendar. It is also the day I learned to love and forgive myself in order to become closer to God. For that, I am thankful for my abortion and happy to rejoice this Sunday, for the Lord is risen, and He lives in me.

CORCRC offers free, confidential, nonjudgmental all options counseling to people of all faiths or of no specific religion.

Call: 720-744-2672 to be connected with a trained clergy person of your faith to talk about your reproductive options.

Legislation Update

A resolution to expel Senator Baumgardner was introduced and was defeated on a tie 17-17 vote with one abstention. It is clear that the issue of sexual harassment will not go gently into the night.

Points of Interest

This is the month when people can’t help but think of finances and TAXES! Please take a moment to realize how much access to reproductive health services is connected to economic viability. Please read this article to solidify the connection between access, economics and rights.

Socioeconomic Outcomes of Women Who Receive and Women Who Are Denied Wanted Abortions in the United States

Invite a few friends or colleagues to discuss how threats to reproductive rights, healthcare and justice impact you and your family. To arrange for a CORCRC facilitator, contact us at


Upcoming Events

JOIN US to learn how the Colorado Reproductive Health Rights and Justice Coalition is working to preserve and strengthen reproductive rights in Colorado. We’ll talk about what’s going on at the Capitol and how you can help. We also want to hear from you! Tell us what’s happening in your schools and community and how we can help make your community and the state of Colorado a leader in Reproductive Rights.



April 7th _ Reproductive Road Show – Durango
Durango Public Library
1900 E 3rd Ave, Durango, CO 81301
1:30 to 3:30pm

April 28 – Reproductive Road Show – Alamosa
Alamosa Rec Center
2222 Old Sanford Rd, Alamosa
1:30 to 3:30pm


May 2: Reproductive Road Show – Longmont
Longmont Public Library
409 4th Ave, Longmont,
Wednesday May 2, 2018
6:30 to 8:30pm

May 3: Faith and Freedom

You are invited to the 2018 Alex Lukens
Faith and Freedom Award Reception
This year’s unprecedented political challenges have been met with vigorous public engagement and an energized public. It is a perfect time to honor two long-time inspirational activists who have been defending reproductive rights for decades.

Karen Middleton, Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado

The second distinguished recipient will be revealed at the event.
Please join us in honoring these heroes.

Reception Followed by Presentation

Thursday, May 3rd,
6:30-8:30 pm
Temple Emanuel
51 Grape St. Denver, Colorado 80220

Refreshments served

Musical performance by:
“Paradox Duet” Dr. Brian Ross, violin, Dr. Karlotta Davis, flute

Recommended level of donations:

$250 or over = Sponsor (your name in the program, four entries)
$150 = Patron (your name in the program, two entries)
$75 = Supporter (two entries)
$25 = Friend/Student (one entry)

I will attend____. There will be a total of _____ guests.
Guest names are:_________________________________________________.

I ___ cannot attend and here is my donation in honor of the award recipients and the work done by the CORCRC. $______

Please confirm your:
Name __________________________________
Address _________________________________

and e-mail _____________________________

For your convenience go to Eventbrite:

Send your check with reservation/donation information to;
CORCRC P.O. Box 102464
Denver, Co 80250-2464

Thank you!


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