Blog: News Update – August 9, 2018

Blog: News Update - August 9, 2018

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In the past year, we have seen sexual harassment and assault issues finally acknowledged and powerful men have been held accountable for their actions. Though there have been many successes related to the #metoo movement, one unintended consequence has been the rise of backlash groups. One group calling themselves “incels” (short for “involuntarily celibate”) has inspired rage and violence against women. The deadly van attack in Toronto a few months ago, and the killings by Elliot Rodger in Isla Vista, CA in 2014 were both said to have been inspired by the incel ideology.

Read more about the dangerous ideology espoused by self-described “incels”:

The Rage of the Incels – Jia Tolentino, New Yorker

While the incel movement may have been accelerated by the successes in the #metoo movement, it has also caused institutions to reckon more openly about their own complicity in abuses of power. The Southern Baptist Convention recently was rocked with controversy over publicized #MeToo issues with prominent men in church leadership, leading to a larger conversation about the role of women in the church and the viability of a complementarian ideology of gender relations that has essentially led to women becoming second-class citizens in Southern Baptist homes and churches.

Read more – #MeToo Goes to Church: Southern Baptists Face a Reckoning Over Treatment of Women – NBC News

Finally, John Oliver and Anita Hill offer advice on keeping up the momentum of #MeToo and the “Year of the Woman”.

Workplace Sexual Harassment – Last Week Tonight


Legislation Update

Stop Predatory Payday Loans –

Backers of Initiative 126, the payday loan initiative, turned in 188,045 signatures on Monday, August 6. The Secretary of State has until September 5th to certify that there are sufficient valid signatures. Initiative 126 would reduce the amount of annual interest payday lenders can charge to 36%. Read more below about the movement to get this initiative on the ballot in November.

Out-of-state payday lenders arrived in Colorado after the state legislature exempted them in 2000 from the interest rate caps that apply to other loans.  Predatory payday lenders cluster in low-income neighborhoods, preying on hard-working Coloradans who can least afford high interest rates on a small loan.  Under current law, payday lenders can charge triple-digit interest rates. Payday lenders are taking more than $50 million in interest and fees out of our economy every year.

Despite legislative attempts to reform the predatory payday lending industry in 2010, thousands of working families in Colorado are trapped every year in a cycle of recurring triple-digit interest debt. Today, since they are exempted from the state’s usury laws preventing exploitative interest rates, payday lenders are able to charge effective interest rates in excess of 200%!

Coloradans to Stop Predatory Payday Loans is a campaign working to put an initiative on the statewide November ballot to cap interest rates on payday loans at 36%, bringing them in line with the legal limits on interest that apply to other loans. Many faith leaders across the state supported this effort.

Thanks to Corrine Rivera Fowler for sending this information and working diligently on this effort.
Visit for more information.


Points of Interest

The Argentina Senate voted yesterday, August 8, on a bill to legalize abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, the bill was defeated with a 38-31 vote against legalization. Catholic Church leaders spoke out strongly against the bill, helping to secure defeat.

Abortion rights advocates are understandably upset, yet many are encouraged by the movement’s rise in the last few years. The close defeat demonstrates the shifting norms in Argentina and other areas in Latin America. Similar movements are building in Brazil, Chile and El Salvador. Many are recognizing more the need to keep church and state separate, a fight many Americans know well also.

Argentina’s Senate Narrowly Rejects Legalizing Abortion – New York Times

Upcoming Events


September 24 – Washington’s War on Women’s Rights
The Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC) invites you to a private gathering with the Honorable Congresswoman Diana DeGette. She will talk about the daunting challenges in our country and in Congress regarding women’s reproductive rights and the confusion about religious freedom.

As this will be a small gathering there will be time for questions and discussion

Food and drink will be provided.

To register and donate the $100 per person to CORCRC, please go to Eventbrite or send your check to P.O. Box 102464, Denver, Co. 80250.  For a donation of $150 per person you will be recognized as a CORCRC Patron and have a photo taken with Representative DeGette. Register early as space is limited.

Date: Monday, September 24th, 2018
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
The event will be held in SE Denver. For security reasons details about the hosts and location will be identified upon registration.


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