Blog: News Update – July 26, 2018

Blog: News Update - July 26, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC,

Is your instinct of self-preservation encouraging you to avoid the news while your socially-conscience self reminds you that avoidance is not an affordable luxury in such outrageous times?

We are here to offer relief to this daily dilemma. To ease your conflict and strengthen your activist side, know that a recent poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows that more voters are in support of abortion rights than not!

Support for Roe v. Wade Hits New High

More good news: Support for Roe is reflected in the attitudes that voters have towards the Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  The polls reveal that he is not a ‘shoe-in’.  Lack of support for this candidate must be made clear so that his nomination can comfortably be defeated.

Now, some news worth questioning: the last sentences of this informative article struck a skeptical nerve.

“Despite the controversy over the makeup of the court, the Supreme Court is enjoying its most positive public image since the poll began measuring its popularity in 1992. Half of voters (50 percent) have a positive view of the court, compared to just 17 percent who say the opposite. In July 2015, 39 percent had a positive view, while 32 percent had a negative one. That movement is largely due to much more positive perceptions of the court among Republicans, whose positions on the religious freedom of Christians and the president’s travel ban have been supported by the court in recent months.”

Do you read the casual acceptance that religious freedom of Christians is casually equated with religious freedom?  That statement demands to be challenged with so many questions by all who hold the constitution dear.

1. The court is supporting religious freedom for which group of Christians?
2. When one group is ‘supported’ with the right to discriminate against another group, how are all of our rights threatened?
3. Is the court saying that this is a Christian country?

Those are the first questions that pop into my weary mind.

Erosion of the First Amendment and religious liberty endured a severe blow in 2014 when the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was interpreted to mean that one’s religious view could be imposed on another.  The right to express individual conscience was and is threatened by this trend of interpreting the U.S. constitution’s new version of religious freedom.  If this trend continues, individual decisions about health care and medicine will be stifled, individual rights of LGBTQ and other groups are threatened and a pluralistic society will fade. The one American wall that must be fortified is the wall envisioned by Thomas Jefferson: a wall of separation between church and state.

Nevertheless, knowing that pro-abortion voters are in the majority is important.  This data point is not trivial: hopefully it makes one more comfortable to openly discuss abortion rights and the frightening options that would result if Roe v Wade were overturned.   If the negative consequences of reversing the legalization of abortion are not clear to you, please make sure that you see the artwork of Daisy Patton.  Ms. Patton has created portraits of and chronicled the deaths of women who died because abortions were not safe or legal. The exhibit synthesizes facts with tragedy in a way that is uniquely characteristic of powerful art.

Art Review: Denver Exhibit puts faces to women who died from botched abortions prior to Roe v. Wade

Legislation Update

Title X GAG Rule Protest: Please do not procrastinate the deadline is July 31st for you to make your voice heard.  All you have to do is go to this link and make it clear that this proposed ruling prevents women from getting information needed to make informed decisions.

Department of Health & Human Services

It is disrespectful and dishonest.  Those who will suffer the most are low-income women, rural women and women of color and their families.  Women deserve and need comprehensive reproductive health services.

The Immigrant Fiasco: Let us not forget that today our government failed to meet the deadline to reunify immigrant children with their parents.  Many of these parents have already been deported and the government is scrambling.  This shameful situation is the result of the Trump administration’s heinous ‘zero-tolerance’ policy.

It is important that we continue to let our representatives know that this abhorrent policy must end and that the Department of Homeland Security must be held accountable.

Immigrants and/or assylum seekers in detention cannot get released from ICE until they pay a bond set at a minimum of $1500. To assist those families go to Raices:


Points of Interest

Certified nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are prohibited from providing abortion services in 34 states.  This article addresses the ramifications of those regulatory barriers.

Can Only Physicians Provide Abortions? In Certain States, Laws Restrict Care

Comprehensive sex education is a priority that often gets lost in the dramatic distractions of our daily political lives. For information and resources on this important topic, go to the ACLU Sex Ed Tool Kit.


Upcoming Events


Save the Date – September 24

CORCRC invites you to a private gathering with the Honorable Congresswoman Diana DeGette to discuss the view from Washington on reproductive rights and religious freedom.  Invitations to be sent.

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