Blog: News Update – March 15, 2018

Blog: News Update - March 15, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC,

The status of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC’s) is being challenged in the Supreme Court case NIFLA v. Becerra. California’s Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency (FACT) Act assures the public that anyone who claims they provide medical advice and/or medical care is held to a high standard of honesty and professionalism; and makes sure women receive accurate information about their full range of options and programs related to pregnancy and family planning.

In the era of fake news, this case challenges false advertising and the provision of false and inaccurate medical information. Learn more about this important case. 


Legislation Update

Board Chair Betty Boyd testified in House Judiciary Committee in support of HB 18-1256 to continue the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission for 9 years.  She argued that when some people are using religious freedom as an excuse for discrimination, other people of faith look differently at the same issue.  The need for the CCRD is as strong as ever.

March 27, Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 the House Judiciary Committee will hear will hear HB 18-1206, Rep. Stephen Humphrey’s “Live and Let Live” Act.  This bill undermines many civil rights protections, especially for the LGBTQ community.  It is a particularly offensive misuse of religion to promote discrimination.  Please urge your representatives to vote against this bill.

Support is needed for HB18-1260 Drug Price Transparency Act- The costs of prescription drugs contribute to both out –of pocket spending and premium increases.  This bill requires 90 days advance public notice when drug prices are increasing and mandates that drug companies provide an explanation of drug prices that increase over 10% from the previous two years.

Points of Interest

History Buffs: Here is a brief history of the reproductive rights movement (published in 2014) that captures the ongoing spirit and challenges:

People don’t tend to care about an issue until it directly affects their lives or is so morally outrageous that they are forced to get involved, and the issues of reproductive rights have consistently been framed in ways that appeal to each aspect. The movement that began with the outrageous idea that birth control should be legally available and discussable now lives in a nation where the outrage is at those who want to take away birth control. Certainly a great deal of the movement has been successful, both at accomplishing goals and more recently at broadening the scope of the movement to include more than middle-class white women. But until every women and every man can fully control their reproductive rights, the movement will never be over.” — The Reproductive Rights Movement: 1914-Present

CORCRC job posting: Liaison/Community Organizer part-time in Grand Junction. Go to for more information contact information to Joyce Lisbin at

Upcoming Events

JOIN US to learn how the Colorado Reproductive Health Rights and Justice Coalition is working to preserve and strengthen reproductive rights in Colorado. We’ll talk about what’s going on at the Capitol and how you can help. We also want to hear from you! Tell us what’s happening in your schools and community and how we can help make your community and the state of Colorado a leader in Reproductive Rights.

Thanks to the people of Grand Junction and Fort Collins who came to the meetings to enrich the conversation. Please be sure to join us when the Reproductive Road Show comes to your community.



March 15 – Reproductive Road Show – Parker
Parker Library
6:30 – 8:30pm

March 21: Women and Families Wednesdays
CORCRC is co-hosting this morning at the Capitol with the Interfaith Alliance. Meet in the Capitol Basement cafeteria and wear the color teal. There will be a brief lobby introduction and an update on bills to be addressed that morning.

March 22 – Reproductive Road Show – Colorado Springs
Cheyenne Mountain Library, 1785 S 8th St #100, Colorado Springs
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


April 7th _ Reproductive Road Show – Durango
Durango Public Library
1900 E 3rd Ave, Durango, CO 81301
1:30 to 3:30pm

April 28 – Reproductive Road Show – Alamosa
Alamosa Rec Center
2222 Old Sanford Rd, Alamosa
1:30 to 3:30pm


May 2: Reproductive Road Show – Longmont
Longmont Public Library
409 4th Ave, Longmont,
Wednesday May 2, 2018
6:30 to 8:30pm

May 3: Faith and Freedom Save the Date.
Ticket details to be announced
Time: 6:00 pm, Temple Emanuel


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