Blog: News Update – May 17, 2018

Blog: News Update - May 17, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC,

CORCRC is strengthening its visibility and voice in preserving and expanding reproductive rights and religious freedom for all.  Many people are still surprised when they are introduced to a faith-based group that is FOR reproductive rights.  We could think of no better way to make our existence and mission better known than with a video.

Our first video tells the CORCRC story from the point of view of four faith leaders: Rev. Stephan Papa, Rev. Valerie Jackson, Rabbi Birdie Becker and Sister Maryann Cunningham.  Each person describes their religious and personal framework that compels them to commit to a woman’s right to choose.

The video is posted on the CORCRC website and proudly reaffirms


Legislation Update

Unfinished business: The 2018 state legislative session is over and though we had significant successes, it is inevitable that many of the defeated anti-abortion bills will probably be resurrected next year. We will rally again to defeat these unfair bills AND next year we will also support a pro-abortion bill.  The Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Act HB-1438 will be re-introduced next year.  This bold, unapologetic bill required all state regulated health plans in Colorado to cover the full range of reproductive healthcare and abolishes the 5-year waiting period for immigrants in Colorado and extended postpartum coverage for people who use Medicaid benefits to 180 days.

CORCRC supported the continuation of the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission.  A last minute agreement passed the bill with minimal changes to the Commission.  We also opposed 2 bills that would have allowed discrimination on the basis of religious freedom.  HB 18-1206, The Live and Let live Act and SB 18-241, The Colorado Children First Act, both sponsored by Rep. Humphrey and Sen. Lundberg.  Both bills died.  Future bills are likely in the realm of religious freedom, especially in relation to the LGBTQ community.

There will also be several ballot initiatives.  One ballot issue that is of tremendous concern is House Concurrent Resolution 18-1002 to Repeal the Exception to the Constitutional Ban on Slavery.  This referendum is referred to the ballot by the General Assembly.

There will also be referenda related to creation of commissions to do the job of redistricting for Congressional Districts and for State Legislative Districts; also for changes to the ballot format for judicial retention.

This November’s election requires our full participation.  CORCRC encourages everyone to register and to vote for candidates that reflect your beliefs.  Some of the races will be crucial.

Our work is not done and advocacy efforts must continue throughout the year


Points of Interest

Faith and Freedom Reception: If you didn’t have a chance to attend the evening event, please check out a few of the photos posted on our website .

Reproductive rights are an international issue: thanks to Jane Gibbs we have a chance to see signs of the abortion rights campaign in Ireland.

Upcoming Events



May 30 and 31st
Religious Freedom, Religious Refusals:
Patients’ Rights in Catholic Healthcare Facilities
Wednesday, May 30th, at 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Cottonwood Center for the Arts,
427 E Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Catholic hospitals have a long history of providing essential care in our communities, particularly serving low-income and rural individuals.  Healthcare providers and patients come from all faith traditions and belief systems to these facilities, seeking treatment or to provide care. But many don’t know that Catholic hospitals abide by a set of directives, written by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, that don’t mirror best medical practices. These restrictions directly impact access to reproductive services, end-of-life care, and how LGBTQI patients and their families are treated.

Please join Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Catholics for Choice for a multimedia myth-busting workshop on religiously affiliated hospitals, Catholic teaching, and advocating for the rights of patients to access the healthcare that is right for them.   Please sign up on this Eventbrite link:

Religious Freedom, Religious Refusals:
Patients’ Rights in Catholic Healthcare Facilities
Thursday, May 31st at 6:30-8:00
At the Irish Snug 1201 E Colfax Ave #100, Denver, CO 80218

Town Hall meeting about religiously –affiliated hospitals, Catholic teaching and access to reproductive health care.


June 29th
A memorial service celebrating the life of Rev. Margaret Rush Hankins, CORCRC’s first Executive Director, will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, June 29 at Hope United Methodist Church, 5101 S. Dayton St., Greenwood Village, CO 80111.


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