Blog: News Update – May 21, 2019

Blog: News Update - May 21, 2019

On May 15th, Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed the strictest abortion bill in the country into law. It bans all abortions unless a woman’s health is in ‘serious danger’. There are no exceptions for victims of rape or incest. And doctors who carry out abortions could face up to 99 years in prison. The ban is set to go into effect in six months. This extreme and uncommonly harsh anti-abortion bill is an assault on the human rights of women and an affront to the religious convictions and values shared by the many faiths in our coalition.

Our values say each person is created in the image of God with free will to make moral decisions about their bodies, their families, and their lives. We are people of faith and of no faith, and we demand accountability from our elected officials in protecting religious liberty and bodily autonomy which are our constitutional rights!

#YouKnowMe: This has spurred an online movement in which thousands of women have come forward to put a human face to the figure that one in four women get an abortion in their lifetimes.

Not on our watch: 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have sounded off against the new law. Republicans – including President Trump – have so far been hesitant to weigh in.

Eyes on the prize: The goal is for this to get to SCOTUS, but that could take a while. And the court could be more interested in gradual changes. So, for now, eyes are on other states’ bills limiting abortion access, like Indiana’s – a case the Supreme Court is expected to discuss again today.

It’s important to remember that abortion is STILL LEGAL in Alabama and in all 50 states. It’s part of the anti-abortion movement’s strategy to spread confusion and perpetuate fear. As we fight this surge in restrictions, it’s critical we focus on those who are most affected by these dangerous policies and act locally. Follow Alabama organizations. @ACLUAlabama, @PPSE_Advocates, @ARC_Southeast, @ALWomensCenter, and @YellowFund are great resources for local advocacy events and updates.

Act locally. Volunteer with us and/or donate to join us in the fight of our lives for our abortion rights.


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