Blog: News Update – November 29, 2018

Blog: News Update - November 29, 2018

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The Shameful Treatment of Immigrants
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) acknowledges that the separations of families are still happening.   A court order is officially being followed but the intent of the law is being ignored.  Many of us took comfort in the decision by federal judge, Dana M. Sabraw, who issued an injunction against the separations of children from parents and ordered the government to put the thousands of affected families back together.  Unfortunately she included an exemption of cases if it was determined that the child’s safety was at risk.  Tragically there were no designated standards or oversight regarding that decision and the CPB is abusing their authority by judging parents unfit by what appears to be whim.

This President, the administration and subsequently the American citizenry will be held accountable for the harm resulting from the separation of children from their parents.  The consequences of this imposed trauma are incalculable.  Inaction from the Senate has shown that we cannot rely on their conscience to pressure the President to end this cruel action. Representative Pelosi has assumed the challenge of oversight responsibility for this national disgrace with Democratic control of the House in the New Year.  We must write to our legislators to demand an end to this policy. We can participate in public protests and generously support the work of the ACLU and Catholic Charities who are working to reunite children with family.

“Families are still being separated at the Border, Months after Zero Tolerance was Reversed” — ProPublica

“In Our Own Words: Women, Religion and Choice”

A Christian perspective on reproductive rights/ justice and women’s sexual agency held the attention of a full audience at Iliff Theological Seminary.  CORCRC, RCRC and the Iliff Theological Seminary, Office of Professional Formation sponsored this much-needed discussion.  Each author challenged the traditional institutional attitudes that oppress women.  They focused on the ‘normal’ personal experiences shared by women that are often shrouded in shame and go unspoken.

Monique Moultrie, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University is the author of Passionate and Pious, Religious Media and Black Women’s Sexuality.  In the most personal terms, the impact of the double standard regarding sexual behaviors is explored. “Moultrie foregrounds televangelist Juanita Bynum’s construction of the black Christian sexual identity these ministries promote while emphasizing how churchwomen reconcile these prescriptive identities with their individual experiences.”

Rebecca Todd Peters, a Presbyterian Minister, provides a paradigm shift of the Christian ethical questions swirling around abortion.  Instead of justifying the decision to have an abortion, Trust Women, A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice, focuses on the responsibility of choosing motherhood.  This model frames the dialogue around the principles of reproductive justice.

This fresh and much needed discussion is available on the CORCRC website.  We hope that you enjoy the discussion that affirms that People of Faith Trust Women.

(left to right) Monique Moultrie, Rebecca Todd Peters and Rev. Dr. Cari Jackson of RCRC


Points of Interest:

Have you heard? The Fourth National Climate Assessment government report was conveniently released on Black Friday while many Americans were shopping.  The report foreshadows the results of our consistently ignoring the threats of climate change.  This plea to action is not meant to appeal to ‘tree huggers’ or those who want to save the polar bear.  Instead the information should appeal to the most pragmatic citizen and outlines the devastation to our economy, farming and the risk to the health/lives of many. President Trump doesn’t believe the report. I think that you will.
Faith Leaders Video Series on Why They Trust Women
The beliefs of four different faith leaders and why they Trust Women to make their own decision regarding their reproductive future is now available in video on our website (link). These personal, faith based statements are designed to promote reflection and discussion about faith, individual conscience, reproductive health (contraception to abortion) and women’s autonomy.  The featured clergy are:

  • Rabbi Birdie Becker -Jewish
  • Reverend, Dr. Valerie Jackson – Methodist
  • Reverend Stephan Papa – Unitarian
  • Sister Evangeline Salazar – Catholic

A fifth video is a montage of the four religious perspectives and perfect for an overview of different opinions. A discussion guide is available so that you can organize your own discussion event or to schedule a program lead by CORCRC staff or volunteers, contact us at

Art Cards designed by Daisy Patton that show four portraits of women who died having abortions before Roe v. Wade are now available at CORCRC events and can be ordered by mail.  These cards declare that We Can’t Go Back and are to be sent to any person – especially elected officials- who questions the need to preserve reproductive rights. For ordering information go to:

Upcoming Events


November 30th
CORCRC’s Vice President, Savita Ginde, will be one of the 12-featured speakers at TEDxCherryCreekWomen 2018 on Friday, Nov. 30, from noon to 8:30 p.m. at the Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale. Tickets on sale now at

Savita’s book, The Real Cost of Fake News: The Hidden Truth Behind the Planned Parenthood Video Scandal is now available.


December 1 – Meet author Dr. Savita Ginde, CORCRC Vice President, who will discuss polarized policies, propaganda, and their damaging ramifications as outlined in her new book, The Real Cost of Fake News, The Hidden Truth Behind the Planned Parenthood Video Scandal.  Join us at the Book Bar
7:00-9:00 pm
4280 Tennyson St.
Denver, Colorado


May 7th   Save the Date: Faith and Freedom – The CORCRC annual award ceremony will take place at Temple Emanuel.  Details to be announced.


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