Blog: News Update – September 20, 2018

Blog: News Update - September 20, 2018

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(content warning: sexual violence, assault)
It has been a tough week for advocates for equality and freedom as we have watched the Kavanaugh nomination and confirmation process. In a time of great reflection on issues of consent and power, it is disheartening to many of us who were inspired by the successes of the #metoo movement to watch history repeat itself as another Supreme Court Justice is accused of sexual assault. While many are rallying support behind Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in the wake of her allegations, she has also been subject to harassment, death threats, and a slandering of her character. Yet again, we are reminded of the power of people of privilege and the inability of many to empathize with victims or hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. We must continue to be vigilant and do our best to rally around victims at a time like this, as it is likely that the news cycle is re-traumatizing for many who are watching.

The allegation about Kavanaugh’s past actions have cast even further doubt on his ability to serve in the Supreme Court, and drive home further for reproductive-rights and justice advocates the precariousness of our hard-earned rights around abortion and birth control access, in addition to voting rights, the separation of church of state and LGBTQ rights. These and an ability to regulate corporations are all at stake in the fight over the Supreme Court seat. It is more imperative than ever that everyone make it known their stance on these issues, and keep up momentum as we head into the midterm elections.

At this time, Dr. Ford is unclear as to whether she will testify to the Senate judiciary about these allegations. Considering the past, she is right to be wary of questioning by a predominantly male group of Senators. Now is a good time to revisit the questioning of Anita Hill during Justice Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearings, as we are likely to see similar questioning if Dr. Ford does agree to testify.

Here are some of the questions Anita Hill answered in 1991


Legislation Update

Anti-Slavery Amendment A:
Amendment A will be on the ballot in November. If approved, this amendment abolishes slavery in Colorado by removing a constitutional exception to “slavery and involuntary servitude” in the Colorado Constitution for punishment for a crime.

Proposition 111: Stop Predatory Payday Loans
Coloradans to Stop Predatory Payday Loans will be on the statewide November ballot to cap interest rates on payday loans at 36%, bringing them in line with the legal limits on interest that apply to other loans. The campaign is seeking endorsements from organizations and community leaders, as well as stories from individual Coloradans who have been exploited by predatory payday lenders.

Join our campaign to end predatory payday loans in Colorado once and for all.

For more information contact: Corrine Rivera Fowler 720-296-8389,

Take Note: This election each of us will be presented with a complex ballot.  Amendments Y and Z propose 2 different commissions, one to determine boundaries of Congressional Districts in Colorado, the other to determine boundaries of State Senate and State House Districts in Colorado.  The commissions are virtually identical and the processes are virtually identical but they deal with two different subjects. They both claim to reduce gerrymandering by taking the task of redrawing boundaries away from the General Assembly and placing the task with 12 member commissions which include one third of their membership from unaffiliated voters.

CORCRC is Now Hiring!

CORCRC is now hiring a Clergy Outreach Coordinator: 
The role of the Clergy Outreach Coordinator is to be a representative of the Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice to faith communities and clergy. Please share description widely!

Click to see full job description

Points of Interest

Shortly before Hurricane Florence began battering the Carolinas, it was discovered that the Trump administration diverted $10 million from FEMA to help pay for immigrant detention centers. Despite the outcry against immigrant detention and family separation, the Trump administration has ramped up these detentions and there are currently over 12,000 immigrants detained at centers across the country. We must remain vigilant about these actions and continue to demand a reversal of this policy and release of detained immigrant families and children.

$10 Million From FEMA Diverted for Immigrant Detention Centers, Documents Show – NY Times

As the threat of overturning Roe becomes ever more close, feminists and graphic designers are considering the importance of visuals in conveying the message of choice and reproductive freedom. While the image of the coat hanger was critical to early fights around abortion, some believe that more hopeful symbols are needed and that the image of the coat hanger is not as striking to young people today as it once was.

Beyond the Coat Hanger: What’s Next for Abortion Rights Iconography?


Upcoming Events


September 23 – Introduction to CORCRC
Get to know CORCRC and Betty Field, CORCRC’s new Outreach Worker

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
10:30 am Service
730 N Tejon.
Downtown Colorado Springs

September 24 – Washington’s War on Women’s Rights
The Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC) invites you to a private gathering with the Honorable Congresswoman Diana DeGette. She will talk about the daunting challenges in our country and in Congress regarding women’s reproductive rights and the confusion about religious freedom.

As this will be a small gathering there will be time for questions and discussion

Food and drink will be provided.

To register and donate the $100 per person to CORCRC, please go to Eventbrite or send your check to P.O. Box 102464, Denver, Co. 80250. For a donation of $150 per person you will be recognized as a CORCRC Patron and have a photo taken with Representative DeGette. Register early as space is limited.

Date: Monday, September 24th, 2018
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
The event will be held in SE Denver. For security reasons details about the hosts and location will be identified upon registration.

September 29th – March for Black Women – Denver
Join Black Women and Women of Color as we March and Mobilize Against Oppression.
2018 Agenda sheds light on the impact if Youth Violence, Sexual Abuse, and Deportation on Black and Brown Women.

Saturday, Sept 29 – 11am – 3pm
Colorado State Capitol
200 E Colfax, Denver, CO

Guest Host Tish Beauford!
Come prepared to march! Hear from Powerful Speakers! Artists! Spoken Word! Musicians and more!
Featuring: Jeanette Vizguerra – Kerrie Joy – Danette Hollowell – Benzel Jimmerson – Lady Speech Sankofa and more!


November 16
Join us for an exciting evening with two dynamic faith leaders who address the changing attitude of the church towards women’s roles and rights. Monique Moultrie, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University, is the author of the new book Passionate and Pious: Religious Media and Black Women’s Sexuality. Rebecca Todd Peters, Professor of Religious Studies at Elon University is the author of Trust Women, A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice. Join in the discussion and explore how women’s voices are creating change in faith communities.

Date: November 16th
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Location TBA
Light Refreshments Served

November 30
Congratulations to CORCRC’s Vise President, Savita Ginde, who will be one of 12 featured speakers at TEDxCherryCreekWomen 2018 on Friday, Nov. 30, from noon to 8:30 p.m. at the Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale. Early bird tickets are on sale now through Sept. 30 for $75 at


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