Blog: News Update – September 6, 2018

Blog: News Update - September 6, 2018

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Racism, sexism and classism are so well integrated in the American fabric that it is difficult to identify where one ‘ism’ ends and the other begins.  When projecting the fallout of a post-Roe era, the harm and negative impact will most clearly be felt by low-income women, women of color and those living in rural areas.  We know this because this group of women suffers most now when each restriction on abortion and health care access is imposed.

Abortion restrictions have enormous consequences on the health of women and have negatively impacted maternal health and infant mortality.   The tragic outcome of Texas defunding and closing 82 family planning clinics in 2011 is an increase in deaths of complications of pregnancy and childbirth.  The death rate doubled.
Maternal Mortality Rates in Texas Doubled After State Cut Funding to Planned Parenthood

A logical review of these alarming systems demonstrates that abortion access is an integral part of maternal and reproductive health care.

African American women are three to four times more likely to die from childbirth than non-Hispanic white women, and socioeconomic status, education, and other factors do not protect against this disparity. Instead, sexism and racism are primary drivers.”

The Healthcare System and Racial Disparities in Maternal Mortality

Unfortunately, the persistence of health disparities dominates the inadequate and inconsistent health care available in this country.  Women’s health care or lack of it seems to be the proverbial canary in the coalmine.   Infant mortality rates fell in states that implemented ACA and the expansion of Medicaid.  Infant mortality for African American infants fell by more than twice the rate that it did in non-Medicaid expansion states.  Those statistics should motivate legislators to support expanded access to medical services.  This should like so many other shoulds continues to be debated and discussed.  Health care is a priority concern for the American voter.  The skyrocketing costs of pharmaceuticals and visits to a medical provider too often destroy economic stability of American families.  It is imperative that all elected officials and candidates clearly state their health care policies and that we vote according to our needs.

#StopKavanaugh Rally
Members of CORCRC turned out to demand that the Senate stop the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Hearings are ongoing this week in the judiciary committee, with a confirmation vote likely in coming weeks. Don’t delay in calling your Senators and voicing your opinion each and everyday until Kavanaugh is stopped!

Legislation Update

Anti-Slavery Amendment A
Coloradans to Stop Predatory Payday Loans will be on the statewide November ballot to cap interest rates on payday loans at 36%, bringing them in line with the legal limits on interest that apply to other loans. The campaign is seeking endorsements from organizations and community leaders, as well as stories from individual Coloradans who have been exploited by predatory payday lenders.

Join our campaign to end predatory payday loans in Colorado once and for all.

For more information contact: Corrine Rivera Fowler 720-296-8389,

Take Note: This election each of us will be presented with a complex ballot.  Look for Amendments Y and Z with proposals critical to voting rights.  Amendments Y and Z propose an independent commission with balanced representation (4 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 4 Independents) to decide the geographical designation of voting districts.

Points of Interest

Compared to other industrialized nation, the U.S. has high teen pregnancy rates.  These numbers have dropped over the years. Yet, the women who choose to become young mothers still feel stigmatized by this decision.  Their response is to organize and support each.

Shame & Stigma: How It Makes Young Moms and Dads Feel

The Trump Administration continues it’s assault on immigrants and non-white Americans. Individuals of Latin descent born near the border in the United States are reportedly being denied passports. We must continue to be vigilant and protect our citizens from these racist tactics.

US is Denying Passports to Americans Along the Border, throwing their citizenship into question – Washington Post

BREAKING: Trump Admin wants ability to hold migrant kids indefinitely, upending decades-old ban. – NBC News

Upcoming Events


September 23 – Introduction to CORCRC
Get to know CORCRC and Betty Field, CORCRC’s new Outreach Worker

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
10:30 am Service
730 N Tejon.
Downtown Colorado Springs

September 24 – Washington’s War on Women’s Rights
The Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC) invites you to a private gathering with the Honorable Congresswoman Diana DeGette. She will talk about the daunting challenges in our country and in Congress regarding women’s reproductive rights and the confusion about religious freedom.

As this will be a small gathering there will be time for questions and discussion

Food and drink will be provided.

To register and donate the $100 per person to CORCRC, please go to Eventbrite or send your check to P.O. Box 102464, Denver, Co. 80250. For a donation of $150 per person you will be recognized as a CORCRC Patron and have a photo taken with Representative DeGette. Register early as space is limited.

Date: Monday, September 24th, 2018
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
The event will be held in SE Denver. For security reasons details about the hosts and location will be identified upon registration.



November 16
Join us for an exciting evening with two dynamic faith leaders who address the changing attitude of the church towards women’s roles and rights. Monique Moultrie, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University, is the author of the new book Passionate and Pious: Religious Media and Black Women’s Sexuality. Rebecca Todd Peters, Professor of Religious Studies at Elon University is the author of Trust Women, A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice. Join in the discussion and explore how women’s voices are creating change in faith communities.

Date: November 16th
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Location TBA
Light Refreshments Served

November 30
Congratulations to CORCRC’s Vise President, Savita Ginde, who will be one of 12 featured speakers at TEDxCherryCreekWomen 2018 on Friday, Nov. 30, from noon to 8:30 p.m. at the Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale.  Early bird tickets are on sale now through Sept. 30 for $75 at


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