Essential Health

Victory: the American Care Act (Obamacare) is in place. Attempts to repeal Obamacare, cut and cap Medicaid were defeated because of thundering public outcry and the opposition of red and blue-state governors.  The failed Republican plan would have ended health insurance for 3 million people and threatened the lives and well–being of people who need healthcare the most – children, rural communities, the disabled and those with pre-existing conditions.  Those suffering from AIDS, opioid addiction and the ZIKA virus would have suffered even greater cuts in funding for services.  Women’s healthcare would suffer disproportionately.  Not considered “essential health”, funding cuts were intended to devastate Planned Parenthood, family planning and maternity services.   Every major faith encourages, if not mandates. care for others.  Why is this fundamental commitment to providing health care challenged...

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All Options Counseling Service

For many years, Colorado RCRC has offered all-options counseling for women and girls in the midst of a decision regarding their reproductive lives, or in the aftermath of an abortion procedure. Usually, if the caller has a preference, we try to match her up with someone from her faith tradition or one very similar, including the Jewish tradition and the Buddhist faith.  The counseling is provided free of charge by clergy from many denominations and faiths who are trained by RCRC in even-handed, caller-focused counseling on these topics, and who are aware of resources within the community for adoption and other specific needs.  Most of the counseling is now provided by telephone, and we have quite rapid response times (usually within 24 hours of a request.)  All of our counseling is anonymous...

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A Threat to Women’s Health, Equality, and Religious Liberty

As a 79-year-old woman, I grew up in the 1950s before women had access to safe, legal and affordable birth control. I remember well how women were often terrified of a pregnancy that would force them to stop working when they could not afford to do so or wanted to further their education or their career. Sometimes a pregnancy meant more children than they could care for or afford. I remember the extreme and often illegal measures a woman would take to end an unintended pregnancy, even if it threatened her health or life. Thankfully times have changed. Women are now better able to direct their lives and control the timing of when, how many, or if they will have children. The Affordable Care Act recognizes that affordable contraceptive coverage is essential...

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“Our Lives On The Line” Rally

CORCRC co-sponsored Colorado “Our Lives on the Line” Rally By Senator Betty Boyd, CORCRC President The event took place on Saturday, July 29th at City Park in Denver.  It was a rally to remind our US Senators and Congressional Representatives that many lives are truly on the line with proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, best known as “Obamacare”. Many articulate people spoke passionately of the problems with the efforts in Congress. Huge losses of health care, especially for low-income families and kids, for older Americans and for people with disabilities threaten not only their healthcare but their very lives.  As Board President, I attended the event along with 350-400 people.  It turned out to be a celebration as the Senate, just days earlier, had defeated the latest attempt...

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No on 67: Dr. Ruben Alvero's Remarks

No on 67: Dr. Ruben Alvero’s Remarks

Speech below in both english and spanish. English: Vote NO 67 Speech/Medical/Dr. Ruben Alvaro My name is Dr. Ruben Alvaro. As an OB/GYN, I opposed this dangerous proposal when it was put before Colorado voters in 2008 and 2010. I oppose it again this year. Amendment 67 is bad medicine for women and for Colorado. In 2008, the proponents of this dangerous proposal attempted to define “personhood” as being from “the moment of fertilization.” In 2010 they were back with a new version, to define so-called “personhood” as being “from the moment of biological development.” This year they are saying they want to protect “pregnant mothers and their unborn children…” Of course we want to protect pregnant women, from violence, from drunken drivers and from all harm. Amendment 67 is not the...

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