On Sunday, August 13th CORCRC representatives marched peacefully with others in solidarity with those who were outraged and pained by the violence and hate expressed in Charlottesville.  CORCRC stands in solidarity with those against violence, hatred and white supremacy. Two photos: Dr. Timothy E. Tyler, pastor for Historical Shorter Community African Methodist Episcopal Church and protester

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“Our Lives On The Line” Rally

CORCRC co-sponsored Colorado “Our Lives on the Line” Rally By Senator Betty Boyd, CORCRC President The event took place on Saturday, July 29th at City Park in Denver.  It was a rally to remind our US Senators and Congressional Representatives that many lives are truly on the line with proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, best known as “Obamacare”. Many articulate people spoke passionately of the problems with the efforts in Congress. Huge losses of health care, especially for low-income families and kids, for older Americans and for people with disabilities threaten not only their healthcare but their very lives.  As Board President, I attended the event along with 350-400 people.  It turned out to be a celebration as the Senate, just days earlier, had defeated the latest attempt...

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Faith & Freedom Awards 2017 Recap

The two honorees of the Faith and Freedom reception, Rev. Margaret Rush-Hankins and Senator Pat Steadman, lifted spirits and reaffirmed the power of dedicated activists.  They inspired members of the audience to continue our efforts to maintain reproductive rights for women in Colorado and our country.  Their optimism and perseverance will propel the continued action of the CORCRC and its supporters. We are grateful for our reproductive rights heroes!

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