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Just when we were feeling afraid, despair, the CORCRC Annual Faith and Freedom Awards Program on May 2nd at Temple Emanuel restored our hope and strengthened our resolve to redouble our efforts in this religious war over women’s rights. The statements from the recipients, Senator Pat Steadman and Reverend Margaret Rush-Hankins, were inspirational, the prayers were refreshingly inclusive, loving, and justice-oriented, the food and wine fulfilling, the gathered community heart-warming, and we raised $8909!  A number that grows each year.


It is clear that you also care about women and their rights, and we know that there are various ways to support those rights, but being part of the Development Team puts you in the middle of our most interesting and inspirational events such as the intimate conversation with Dottie and former Governor Lamm about their personal history with choice issues at our Garden Party on September 6th (see the invitation elsewhere in this newsletter), and the Annual Faith and Freedom Award Ceremony.


Our educational, legislative, and counseling services are made possible through the work of the Development Team. We are looking to expand what we do to support these efforts in the battle for reproductive justice, so please donate (by following the link in this newsletter), and consider becoming part of our Development Team. Our work is not only valuable, meaningful, but enjoyable!


If you would like to volunteer paste this link to our volunteer application in your browser:, or if you would like more information email


Rev. Stephan Papa

Development Team Leader


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