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Victory: the American Care Act (Obamacare) is in place. Attempts to repeal Obamacare, cut and cap Medicaid were defeated because of thundering public outcry and the opposition of red and blue-state governors.  The failed Republican plan would have ended health insurance for 3 million people and threatened the lives and well–being of people who need healthcare the most – children, rural communities, the disabled and those with pre-existing conditions.  Those suffering from AIDS, opioid addiction and the ZIKA virus would have suffered even greater cuts in funding for services.  Women’s healthcare would suffer disproportionately.  Not considered “essential health”, funding cuts were intended to devastate Planned Parenthood, family planning and maternity services.


Every major faith encourages, if not mandates. care for others.  Why is this fundamental commitment to providing health care challenged by so many in the American body politic for so much of our history?  Providing basic health care to all has been resisted since the 19th century.  President Pierce set the tone for the debate by arguing that the federal government should not commit itself to social welfare, which he believed was the responsibility of the states.  Is the lack of responsibility/concern for our neighbors based on an extreme belief in the value of hyper-individuality or a fear of economic instability?

For decades Uwe Reinhardt, renown Princeton health economist said that the U.S. could spend half as much on health/medical administration, it would save more than enough money to cover all the uninsured if it abandoned it’s “mishmash of private insurance plans” for the inefficiency. (2009 Frontline show “Sick in America)

Lack of basic heath strangles our economy and leads to crisis in personal lives.  Is it possible that one of the wealthiest countries in the world can’t afford to be compassionate and economically prudent?

Women’s health care and reproductive rights continue to be threatened.  Just this week, the Texas senate proposed to restrict insurance coverage for abortions and no exceptions will be made in cases of rape and incest.  The governor is expected to sign this bill.

Access to safe abortion is not merely a symbol of women’s equity: it is a fundamental right.  Let’s not allow it to be whittled away state by state or by any desperate attempt at political compromise.  Let’s not tolerate backing of candidates who do not support a women’s right to comprehensive health care.  It is clear that access to contraception, maternity care and abortion must be included

Drama and trauma surrounding the Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obama Care is on hiatus but not over.  CORCRC is committed to improving the health care system, increasing access to health services and making sure that reproductive rights are not compromised.  Work with us.


Joyce Lisbin, Ed.D.

Executive Director


People of Faith

Trust Women


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