Welcome to the CORCRC website.  This is the perfect place to get to know about our organization.  We have been in existence since the passage of Roe v. Wade (1973).  Our main job continues to be to support that Supreme Court decision and make sure that it endures in Colorado and nationally despite constant attacks.

The CORCRC makes it clear that people of faith and of no faith actively defend reproductive rights, justice and access to comprehensive health care.  Not only does the CORCRC trust women to make decisions about their bodies and their future but we are also strong advocates of the separation of church and state as declared in the Constitution.

CORCRC is engaged in advocacy and education activities throughout the year.  Please browse throughout our website to see what we have done and what we are doing.

Join us in preserving women’s reproductive rights and the separation of religion from state.

How do YOU get involved?

RCRC urgently needs the support of Colorado residents and religious groups with which they are affiliated.

As an individual, you can:

  • Write to your state and national legislators and write often.
  • Speak out. Make your views known in your church or synagogue, to your city government, to your newspapers, and to your neighbors.
  • Become a contributor! Email corcrc1@gmail.com for information on how to mail in a donation. As a contributor, you will be informed of all local and national abortion-related legislation locally and nationally.
  • Support us as a volunteer! Email corcrc1@gmail.com with inquiries about volunteer opportunities.

As an organization, you can:

  • Contact us directly at corcrc1@gmail.com with information on your organization. We will consider adding your organization to our list of members.


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