Letter From the Executive Director

The end of 2015 was shockingly tough on all members of the reproductive justice community.

An unintended and welcome consequence of the slanderous attacks and subsequent violence against Planned Parenthood was how quickly and thoroughly our community responded with peaceful outrage and an even stronger commitment to support providers and patients. Access to reproductive health care is a right and the right to abortion is the law of the land. Those who oppose reproductive health care must understand those simple facts. They must engage in civilized communication if they want to challenge the laws and learn to live in a country where people do not have to agree or approve of anyone’s behaviors.

2016 is an election year and the Supreme Court will be deciding on Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, No. 15-274. The decision will determine the right of the states to impose regulations that unjustly restrict abortion services. The CORCRC will stridently advocate to ensure that every woman is free to make her decision about if/when to have children according to her own conscience and religious beliefs without government interference. The Coalition’s primary role is to educate the public that having an abortion can be a moral, ethical and religiously responsible decision. With clear intention, we will be working with communities of faith to make sure that their voice is heard in support of religious diversity and the separation of church and state. The CORCRC will be working along side our colleagues speaking to legislators and community leaders about policies and laws that impact the lives of women and their families. By providing educational opportunities and accurate information, we intend to reduce the stigma of those who have had abortions and rely on contraception. We will continue to thank and support the brave providers of these services.

CORCRC is the primary religious voice for reproductive justice. We invite you to join us in the year ahead. Attend our educational events, join one of our committees and when possible support us financially. Most importantly, speak up with confidence and know that your voice is part of a growing chorus of people of faith who support reproductive justice.



Joyce Lisbin, Ed.D.

Executive Director