Walls of Love – Poem by Greg Garland 03/2016

Walls of Love – Greg Garland 03/2016

Inspired by the Planned Parenthood at Stapleton

Walls of love — a fortress from hate

Where love is found and life regained

Where empathy rules and shame is drained

Where hope abounds and compassion reigns.

Lines of hate outside the walls

Shouts of murder and lies befall.

Men who rape by sex or decree

Force on all their misogyny.

Absolutist thought makes you blind.

With a little love you will find

That black is white and blue is grey

And the voice of God you cannot say.

Which came first is forever unknown.

But without much work the idea is sown

An egg does not a chicken make

And DNA can’t bake a cake.

There are walls of love a fortress from hate

Where open hearts find time to relate

Where fear is lost and love is found

Where tender compassion forever rains down.