Prayer for Planned Parenthood

Prayer for Planned Parenthood

To Staff and Volunteers of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains:

Spirit of Life, Spirit of Love,

We ask for a moment of centering calm amidst the storm.

We are breathing deeply, recognizing

the miracle of breath,

the pulse of connection, and

the interconnectedness of all existence.

Even in times of great distress, we have cause to be grateful:

for this brave and powerful community,

willing to stand for what is necessary,

willing to trust women to make their own choices

about their own bodies.

As this community is once again under attack,

we hold all the staff in our hearts.

We pray for courage and strength for each one

who walks amidst this assault.

We pray for forgiveness,

of ourselves and others,

as our own human imperfections are painful to behold, and yet so much a part of each of us.

We pray for calm hearts and

a recognition of the love that is greater than all difference.

In this great Divine Mystery, may love and tenderness hold us all,

in the ways we need to be held.

In the name of all that is holy, this we pray.


With respect and in support from the Board of Trustees of

Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice


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