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We provide free counseling. You don’t have to face this decision alone. We provide a safe place to explore your feelings now and your hopes for the future.

If you are not a person of any particular religious faith, you are equally welcome to receive these services.

Call us at 720.744.2672

If you wish to receive counseling with a clergy member of your own faith, please let us know which faith. We are comprised for more than 44 Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Unitarian Universalist, and other pro-choice religious organizations.


  • Comfort: When asked, we make every effort to match women seeking guidance with clergy of the same faith.
  • Non-judgmental listening: We are not concerned with how you became pregnant, but how you will resolve your situation and move forward in a healthy way. You will not be burdened with moral judgments.
  • Confidentiality: The confidentiality of clergy counseling is both a professional and spiritual obligation. Counselors will honor your personal privacy.  We also support your desire to bring someone with you to counseling sessions. Many times it is helpful to counsel families together.

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If you need reproductive health care services, our staff can refer you to a reliable clinic in your area. We highly recommend home pregnancy testing be confirmed at a reliable clinic. Again, call us at 720-744-2672.

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