Legislative Action

CORCRC Legislative Positions

  • Many who oppose abortion do so because they believe that personhood begins at conception. They do not recognize that this is a religious view – only one religious view among many – and to impose it on everyone through the Government would violate the American principle of separation of church and state.
  • The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is pro-choice, not pro-abortion.
  • Women deserve the freedom of choice to make individual reproductive decisions. In an area of moral decision-making as complex as abortion, the only one who can make an informed moral choice is the person who is pregnant. It is the woman who faces her God and answers for the decision she makes.
  • We believe that a pregnant woman should be fully informed about all her options: parenthood, adoption, and abortion, without pressure or interference from the government or other persons.
  • We believe that teenagers have special needs when it comes to sorting out the options of parenthood, adoption, and abortion.
  • We believe that religious communities are called to meet the human, emotional, and spiritual needs resulting from unwanted pregnancies.
  • Be believe that a loving God is very much present in times of pain, loss, and difficult decisions.
  • We believe in the distribution of educational materials, as well as access to workshops and lectures for both pro-choice clergy members and women. Education is crucial in ethical decision making.


The CORCRC is very active throughout the year. We continue to do outreach and follow national and state political activity that affects reproductive rights, choice and health care. We are also vigilant in assuring the separation of church and state is upheld.

Throughout the legislative session, we work closely with our allies and often testify on legislation that impacts our mission. We also participate in Women and Families on Wednesdays: a weekly presence at the State Capitol to support our issues.

Outreach Travel

Outreach Travel

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All-Options Counseling Training

All-Options Counseling Training

Train clergy to provide the crisis service and promote the all-options counseling hotline  

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November 29, 2018

Blog: News Update – November 29, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, The Shameful Treatment of Immigrants Customs and Border Protection (CBP) acknowledges that the separations of families are still happening.   A court order is officially being followed but the intent of the...

November 15, 2018

Blog: News Update – November 15, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Optimism is in the air and rightfully so.  Our new Governor, Jared Polis, identifies himself as a pragmatist, capitalist and a person of faith.  The state elected officials and many of...

November 01, 2018

Blog: News Update – November 1, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Great Expectations for November 7th Imagine waking up on November 7th and the promise of change is confirmed.  All people will be encouraged to vote and systemic voter suppression will be...

October 04, 2018

Blog: News Update – October 4, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, The President shamelessly mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at a Rally on Tuesday night.  His behavior and the lack of condemnation from so many elected officials and community leaders shakes my confidence...

September 20, 2018

Blog: News Update – September 20, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, (content warning: sexual violence, assault) It has been a tough week for advocates for equality and freedom as we have watched the Kavanaugh nomination and confirmation process. In a time of...

September 06, 2018

Blog: News Update – September 6, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Racism, sexism and classism are so well integrated in the American fabric that it is difficult to identify where one ‘ism’ ends and the other begins.  When projecting the fallout of...

August 23, 2018

Blog: News Update – August 23, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, A Case of Accountability Delayed: By now you are aware of the explosive news that occurred on Tuesday: Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, was found guilty of eight counts...

August 09, 2018

Blog: News Update – August 9, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, In the past year, we have seen sexual harassment and assault issues finally acknowledged and powerful men have been held accountable for their actions. Though there have been many successes related...

July 26, 2018

Blog: News Update – July 26, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Is your instinct of self-preservation encouraging you to avoid the news while your socially-conscience self reminds you that avoidance is not an affordable luxury in such outrageous times? We are here...

July 12, 2018

Blog: News Update – July 12, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, President Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.   His name was recently added to the list of handpicked conservative candidates that Trump touted during the presidential campaign. Concern...

June 28, 2018

Blog: News Update – June 28, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Don’t duck and hide! As this newsletter is being put together, the news bombards the senses by dismantling what was considered to be core American values. On Tuesday the Supreme Court...

June 14, 2018

Blog: News Update – June 14, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, Momentum can best describe the tidal wave of power and influence being exercised by women. Women are entering politics and winning primaries at unprecedented levels. The blatant hostility towards women exhibited...

May 31, 2018

Blog: News Update – May 31, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, CORCRC and Catholics for Choice co-hosted Religious Freedom, Religious Refusals: Patients’ Rights in Catholic Healthcare Facilities on Wednesday evening in Colorado Springs.  Kathryn Joseph, J.D. State Policy Associate, Domestic Program, Dr. Joyce Lisbin,...

May 24, 2018

Blog: News Update – May 24, 2018

Dear Friend of CORCRC, The GAG Rule is Coming Home! We protested the negative impact of the Global Gag Rule that was signed by President Trump 48 hours after the Women’s March.  First signed by...