Trump Plan to Deny Health Coverage for Contraception

Trump Plan to Deny Health Coverage for Contraception

Dear Friends and Supporters of CORCRC;

Are you experiencing signs of vertigo?

If so, you are not alone.  It seems to be a typical response to the dizzying and insulting decisions being made by the Trump administration.  Our status as an international leader has been toppled by today’s announcement that the U.S. will not participate in the Paris Climate Exchange.  This is just another example of this administration’s disregard of scientific facts and the protests of many American leaders and the majority of the American public.

The health of the globe is threatened and so is the health of the nation and each of our citizens.  A painful example of the erosion of healthcare is the threatened access to contraception.  Please read the news of a leaked memo announcing that the Trump administration is creating exemptions for contraception coverage forcing undue primary health care expenses on women.

Make sure that you express your outrage to your Congressional representatives.

Stay balanced!

Joyce Lisbin, Ed.D.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 31, 2017                                                   


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Colorado Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Coalition Denounces Trump Plan to Deny Health Coverage for Contraception

(Denver, CO) – Statement on a leaked memo showing that the Trump administration is considering sweeping exemptions on the federal requirement that insurance plans include coverage for contraception without a co-pay to ensure affordability:

““If the administration decides to move forward this policy, it would allow employers to push their own personal beliefs on others and decide what kind of care people can get – specifically whether or not they can get contraception.  As a coalition that works to ensure that we each have the ability to make decisions about our bodies and our health care, to plan our families, to decide when we are ready to parent and to be able to raise our families with dignity this is not just concerning, it is infuriating.  We should all have coverage for the full range of care that we need, including contraception.

The public is overwhelmingly opposed to allowing refusals that prevent people from obtaining the care they need.  This proposed change is part of a dangerous political agenda that is harmful to women’s health.”


Members of the Colorado Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Coalition are available for interview upon request. Quotes are included from member organizations below. 


“Religious liberty is a fundamental right, and one we fight for every day at the ACLU, but it cannot be used as an excuse to discriminate against or harm others.  The right to decide when and whether to have a family is fundamental to women’s equality in the workforce and society.  As we have for years, the ACLU will continue to oppose, in policy and in law, the irrational notion that a boss’ religion can limit their employee’s freedom to make their own personal healthcare choices.”

Denise Maes, Public Policy Director, ACLU of Colorado


“Systemic barriers like poverty, language, and immigration status make accessing care more difficult for Latinas, resulting in ongoing health disparities and a higher rate of unintended pregnancy. That makes the idea that an employer gets to deny coverage for contraception based on their personal beliefs beyond troubling.  This is another example of an administration that is out of touch and a president who attacks marginalized communities to push a harmful agenda.  We will not just stand by as political games are played on our backs and our ability to afford high quality care is taken away.”

Karla Gonzales Garcia, Policy and Program Director, Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)


“The CORCRC defends a woman’s right of access to contraception.  Contraception is an integral component of women’s health as well as the most effective path to preventing abortion.  Access to a full range of contraception and reproductive health services is critical to a woman’s equal participation in society.  Insurance coverage of these services should not depend on the employer’s religious beliefs. It is a matter of civil rights.”

Joyce Lisbin, Executive Director, Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC)


“The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado represents people of all faiths who value human rights, equality and opportunity for all.  Contraception  is crucial to women’s ability to achieve their true potential.  Denying health insurance for contraception inordinately impacts women of color and women of lower economic status.  Lifting EVERYONE up is beneficial for ALL of us.”

Jill Wildenberg, Public Policy Director, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado


“The Trump Administration’s anti-contraception rule is offensive, wrong, and backwards – and it makes keeping Colorado as a pro-choice state even more important. We were proud to be part of the Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Coalition’s work to pass the new Colorado bill allowing women a 12-month birth control prescription. Ensuing access to affordable contraception is one of our core reproductive rights principles, and it’s proven to be smart, effective policy here in Colorado. We hope other states will follow our lead in Resisting the anti-choice Trump Administration.”

Gena Ozols, Political Director for NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado


“President Trump and the current administration have claimed they care about protecting and progressing women’s rights and access to health care, yet they continuously attempt to chip away at them day after day. Rolling back access to birth control under the guise of protecting the religious freedom of employers will have a detrimental impact on working women and their families across the nation. This will do real harm to our communities and is absolutely unacceptable.”

Sarah Taylor-Nanista, Vice President of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains




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