Volunteer F.A.Q.

Volunteer F.A.Q.

What kind of volunteer work is available?

Everything from developing outreach efforts, to data entry, helping with our newsletter or lobbying.  Depending on your skill set and preferences, we would be thrilled to have you on our team.


What kind of time commitment do you expect?

CORCRC is busiest during the legislative session but we work all year round on different projects that could benefit from your help.  We are flexible way beyond a

9-5 approach and are happy to accommodate your schedule needs.


Is their official training?

This would totally depend on the task you are doing.  If it were data entry there would be some training involved but if it was outreach, developing education programs or many of the additional tasks that we need help with there would probably be some brainstorming with committee members to decide what direction and detail action is best!




If you are a college student we would be happy to set up an intern program and have you develop a project that would be mutually beneficial to your academic career and to the CORCRC organization.


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