The Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC) is

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Director of the Colorado ACLU, Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, Rev., Dr. Jim Ryan former Director of the Council of Churches, Eliza Buyers, MD, FACOG board-certified gynecologist of the University of Colorado Hospital and Cara Lawrence of Tierney Lawrence LLC, Non-Profit Attorney will discuss the meaning of the separation of church and state and religious freedom.  This constitutional principle must be understood beyond the level of rhetoric and upheld in order to maintain reproductive justice.

Join the discussion:  Date: October 19th, Wednesday

Time: 6:30- 8:30pm

Location: Temple Emanuel

51 Grape St, Denver, CO 80220

Suggested $10.00 donation at the door.



The Board and staff of CORCRC is saddened by the

ongoing fatal encounters between the police and the

black communities across our country. We endorse the

efforts being made in communities toward outreach and

understanding between law enforcement and the

communities which they serve. Our faith traditions call us

to stand in solidarity with civil rights organizations that

are working toward building a more just and accepting

society in which every human being is seen, heard and

accepted as a contributing member of society and not

judged by their race, religion, sexual orientation or

political views . We believe that social justice will prevail

only when all people can live with dignity, in safety,

abiding by human rights law.

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Dear Friends,

Please consider adding your name to the attached Statement of Support for Reproductive Justice. The purpose of this statement is to increase awareness of the number of people in Colorado communities of faith who are pro-actively dedicated to sustaining reproductive justice in Colorado. Our intent is to make this statement with signatures public by posting it on the CORCRC website and encourage other religious and secular organizations to do the same.

Please remember to SCROLL DOWN and HIT SUBMIT when you’ve signed electronically.

Print versions should be mailed to PO Box 102464, Denver, CO 80250-2464 by September 20, 2016.

Please feel free to circulate a printed version of this document and collect signatures from your congregations, friends and colleagues. We appreciate your support and commitment to Reproductive Justice.

Sign Our Statement of Support for

Colorado Clergy and People of Faith Commitment to Reproductive Justice


As clergy, faith leaders and people from a wide spectrum of faiths in Colorado, we stand together for reproductive justice and religious freedom. This stand is critical now as we have seen recent violence at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, and we have seen how unethical anti-reproductive justice proponents used area Planned Parenthood staff to create a nationally released false tape which told lies about this critical service.

We affirm the sanctity of life and support laws and policies that provide access to legal, comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including contraception and access to safe and legal abortions. A woman must have control over her own body and her healthcare decisions.  Because there are many religious, ethical and compassionate positions on reproductive issues, no single perspective, restrictive or not, should govern the rights of all.

We know that women have the capacity for their own ethical agency, and we support women as they seek guidance and counsel from pastors, clergy, their families and doctors to make personal and private decisions. We support religious and medical professionals as they advocate for women to be their own primary decision makers.  We stand by the work of women’s health centers, including Planned Parenthood, for providing quality and affordable medical care and comprehensive sex education so vital to the well-being of our communities.

We support the needs and rights of women to live their full lives. This commitment requires that women receive equal pay for equal work and access to educational and professional opportunities.  We continue to strive for access to affordable health care, safe and affordable housing, nutritional food, clean water and air, reliable childcare and excellent public education.

We support evidence-based policies that provide comprehensive sex education; research concludes that comprehensive sex education reduces sexual violence and improves the sexual health of Colorado’s youth. We join the efforts of many to erase all forms of violence, especially the normalized violence against women and children.

We support policies and leadership that do not discriminate against women or men on the basis of their gender identity or the very personal decisions about who they love, how they form their families and how they express their genders.

We value genuine religious liberty, which upholds the right of each person to make faith-based or conscience-based health care and reproductive decisions. We honor and defend the American principle of separation of church and state.

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So far we have 142 Supporters! Keep up the good work Colorado!

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