After our successful contributions toward defeating ballot initiative 115 in the 2020 elections, the Board of Directors of CORCRC voted to close the organization in Colorado. This was two years in the making; much discussion and contemplation was undertaken to come to this final decision.

The efforts to protect women and women’s healthcare will continue through the other incredible organizations in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. CORCRC has carved relationships with these organizations and individual board members and volunteers plan to testify at the State Capitol as in previous years.

We have full faith that the citizens of Colorado will continue to put women first in supporting or defeating legislation that pertains to women’s needs. And, we will, as individuals, continue to work toward that end.

For volunteer opportunities within the women’s rights/healthcare space, please reach out to RCRC (national organization), Cobalt (, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM), Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, ACLU of Colorado, ProgressNow, and Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

The remaining funds of CORCRC were donated to the Cobalt Abortion Fund, which is the next generation of the original UU-sponsored Freedom Fund. This fund was established specifically to assist those needing financial support to afford abortion and follow-up medical procedures. We encourage you to donate regularly and often to assist in these efforts.

Thank you for your support. May you be blessed in your work.


Voter Information

Official voter information is available through the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office or through your local county’s Clerk and Recorder’s office.

Register to vote online!

Call your local Clerk & Recorder’s office to ask about absentee / international voting options.

Important Dates:
October 9: Ballots begin to be mailed to registered voters (non-registered voters can continue to register to vote).

Through  November 3rd: Ballots can be dropped off as soon as you receive through November 3rd at Ballot Drop Boxes in your county.

October 19: All Voter Service Centers and Polling Locations must be open.

October 26: Last day to request a mail-in ballot.

October 27 – November 3rd: Must go to Voter Service Center or Polling Location to cast a ballot. Completed ballots can continue to be dropped off in ballot boxes.

November 3rd. Official Federal Election Day. All ballots must be cast / received by election locations by 7:00pm. No ballots accepted after 7:00pm.

Special Notice:

We Can’t Go Back!

These portraits of women who lost their lives during the devastating pre-Roe era exemplify why WE all need to keep the pressure on our elected officials to assure that all women have access to abortion.  Thanks to the compassionate artistry and research by Daisy Patton, the lives lost to the tragedies resulting from illegal abortions are powerfully designed to motivate us to act and defend the legalization of and access to abortion.


What is CORCRC?

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC) brings the moral power of religious communities to ensure reproductive justice through individual advocacy, education and counseling.

For nearly 40 years, we were the primary religious voice for reproductive justice in Colorado.

CORCRC supports each woman’s right to have the personal and spiritual freedom to make the choice that is consistent with her religious and ethical beliefs.  CORCRC acknowledges and defends a woman’s ability to make decisions that are in keeping with her life and principles.

We do not take the question of abortion lightly. Because each denomination and faith group represented among us approaches the issue of abortion from the unique position of its own theology, CORCRC acknowledges widely varying viewpoints as to when life begins.  It is exactly this plurality of beliefs, which leads us to the conviction that the abortion decision must remain with the individual, to be made on the basis of health considerations, conscience and personal religious principals.

As people of faith, we support a person’s right to personal and spiritual freedom needed to make the choices that are consistent with their religious and ethical beliefs. This stand makes our active support of the First Amendment imperative.  We are strong advocates of the separation of church and state: freedom of and from religion

Our work is to strengthen the voice of different faith communities, denominations and those of no particular faith to promote reproductive health, rights and justice.

The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Latest in Legislative Action

In the general Election last year, November 3, 2020, the citizens of Colorado rejected a call for a 22-week ban on all abortions. This ballot initiative was soundly defeated.  CORCRC, along with our partner organizations invested in preserving reproductive rights for all women, worked very hard to reject this measure from passing through the electorate. We have voted on this kind of question no less than 4 times previously – every time we have rejected it from becoming part of our State law. We will continue to fight for reproductive rights for all women in Colorado.

CORCRC invites you to stay involved.  There are many positive opportunities for you to continue to make a difference.